Sunday, 20 February 2011

Where to Buy Senior Clothing

When an older person gets dressed it may appear to them that the piece of clothing they are trying to put on, is trying to attack them!  It gets frustrating when fingers and minds don't work as they used to and trying to get dressed may just add to that frustration.  Good senior clothes should be great to wear, look at, and get on and off.  They should be safe and non-binding if the senior is bed ridden or uses a wheelchair or scooter.  You can take your laptop computer to the senior center or use the one in a common room if they have it, and along with the senior, cruise through a website which showcases senior clothing to a T --

You can show them a variety of different types of clothing and always let them choose what they want to wear.  There can be precious little dignity or free choice given to some seniors, so help in that area where you can.  Gone from a senior's wardrobe should be any underwear that fastens in the back (impossible to get to if you have arthritis), small buttons on blouses or shirts (even regular-aged people have trouble with those), stiff jeans and pants with zippers that often get stickier every time you wash them,  and lace-up shoes.  If a senior has difficulty with something they may abandon it and with clothing, that can lead to dressing in the same worn clothing every day, and being unable to express their frustration.

Adaptive and easy to use clothing is the answer and many companies now offer a wide selection.  Take a look at the variety on and you'll see plenty of styles that certainly don't look like any hospital wear you may have seen.  They have classic womens clothes and a line from Michael Gold Clothes, as well as pinafore dresses for elderly (they are so easy to get on and off), and many other quality clothing items.

A senior lady would enjoy underwear such as a bra that fastens up the front or a top with Velcro or magnetic fastenings.  These shirts and blouses have non-functioning buttons so the article looks exactly like a regular one and therefore preserves the dignity of the elderly lady.   Pants open by means of a front panel which lets the senior get in and out of them easily, as well as making it easy to use the bathroom!  Slippers and shoes should have Velcro fastenings and non-slip soles.   Make a special shopping date and sit down with the senior and have fun buying a few pieces of new clothing.  They will remember the time spent fondly, and the clothing you purchased together will make for some great memories!

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