Sunday, 20 February 2011

Senior Clothing For Your Relatives

Most families have several seniors in them, especially if the family is multi-generational.  From cultures around the world we give respect to seniors -- often our grandparents, parents, great aunts and uncles.  One key factor in the aging of seniors is dignity.  Everyone deserves dignity and perhaps none more so than our elders.  Some families care for a senior in their home, or members may go and take care of an older relative in their own home.  Perhaps the caretaker is an assisted living helper, or even the spouse -- as half of a married couple.

Purchasing most types of clothing for a senior can be tricky.  All elderly clothing must be stylish yet comfortable.  If the clothing will be given as a gift then it must be easy to get in and out of, and yet look terrific.  Your grandparent will surely want to try that article of classic clothing on in front of all of the relatives!  If you've been looking for pinafore dresses for the elderly, because your grandmother was born and has lived in the country and loves remembering the good old days, then have a go at a wonderful site that caters to elderly clothing --

A lot of seniors cannot even leave the house to shop for clothes and some of the time, if no one else is able to shop for them, they end up almost in rags.  Anything that you get for your senior in clothes for elderly women or men, should be easy to wash.  If it's hard for a senior to buy clothes then it would be even harder for them to take anything to the dry cleaners.  And besides, some of those chemicals may make a senior sick.

Always keep comfort in mind when purchasing any older womens fashion clothing or accessories.  Skirts may be preferred but can be impractical if your senior uses a wheelchair.  On the other hand, their mobility is often impaired and a skirt can get really bunched up and become uncomfortable.  You can't force someone to wear a piece of clothing, either.    

Layering pieces is a good idea for elderly clothing.  You could shop online at and purchase some basic pieces in neutral colors and these can be both layered, and interchanged.  A senior's metabolism often swings up and down, and especially if they are diabetic.  Try and avid clothing that's got lots of buttons on it.  Perhaps a simple frog closure or even a jacket without any fasteners will work the best.

Every now and then you can help your senior clean out their closets and organize their clothing.  Never do this without the input of the relative because there can be nothing worse than someone throwing away a favorite piece of their mature ladies clothes by mistake, and then making that person feel sad.  Also, consider buying or even making a handy pocket organizer for the relative's wheelchair.  This can hold the TV remote, a puzzle book, and a pair of eyeglasses!

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