Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dementia in Seniors

Dementia in Seniors

While Alzheimer's is one form of dementia, there are many others.  Anyone who has a relative in a nursing or care home knows what having this condition is like.  Some seniors have mild symptoms but a few have severe ones.  The majority lie somewhere in the middle.  Dementia is a broad term used to describe a person's brain when the intellectual capacity becomes diminished.  This doesn’t mean that the person in front of you who has dementia is any less of a person, but  you may become increasingly responsible for their entertainment, senior fashion needs, healthcare, and mental stimulation.

Dementia patients may suffer from loss of language skills, memory, complex motor skills, lack of judgment, and a deteriorating ability to feed or dress themselves.  Dementia can be caused by other than having Alzheimer's.  The latter is a definite disease which can be seen on a brain scan.  Dementia cannot, because it's not a disease, it's a condition.  If you are responsible for the care of a senior with dementia, you may think that certain things like clothing for elderly women would be the least thing on their mind, or yours.

During their lifetime some people are meticulous about their appearance.  Being unable to keep up that appearance or not even knowing that they've let things slide, can be devastating -- not only to the person, but to those in the family.  When you're thinking about what new and pretty items of clothing you can get for your dementia patient, check out   You may be surprised at the reaction you get when you dress your relative, such as mom or your aunt, in a beautiful new (and very soft) bed jacket, or slip a robe onto their tired shoulders.

Minds and bodies have to be stimulated in order to help a person keep treasured memories and function for as long as they can.  Certain things in the senior's life can trigger happy memories and it can be as simple as the touch and feel of a fleece robe, all pretty in light green with spring flowers sprinkled around the collar, or the touch of a soft pair of slippers when you help them take a walk.  Some clothes for over 70 are specially adapted for seniors.  Motor functions can be impaired, especially with dementia, but certain clothing is very forgiving, yet can remain beautiful and quite inspiring.

Dementia can be  a way of life for a senior, but not all seniors get it.  Look around on and find a lovely present for the senior in your life with dementia.  It can make them smile and when they have this serious condition, any smile means a great deal.  Any elderly ladies clothing has to suit the person, but it definitely should not be dowdy or plain.  Young or old, we all want to look great most of the time.  Looking good can truly make us feel better, and that is another bonus to getting your senior loved one a lovely article of clothing.

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