Sunday, 20 February 2011

Do Retailers Ignore Elderly Female Customers

Do Retailers Ignore Elderly Female Customers?

Have you ever noticed a senior sitting quietly in a wheelchair, tucked away in the corner of a retail store and trying to get some help?  This occurs more often than you think.  Retailers seem to believe that anyone over 35 is not worth bothering about.  What could they possibly be interested in other than a nightgown or a scarf or such?  A lot, and shop owners had better start to pay attention to this segment of our population.

Online, senior women as well as elderly men needn't face any such challenges, other than trying to find clothing that they consider stylish and comfortable and sometimes adaptive to their mobility needs.  If they take a look at a wonderful site which caters to seniors, at they'll be able to browse as long as they want to amongst terrific clothes for over 70, and even classic ladies clothing that will be timeless, yet in tune with where they are at now in their lives.

Seniors do pretty much everything they used to do when they were a few years younger.  They still like to go dancing, or be at a dance.  They love to read, go to a nice museum or art gallery, and with reasonable health, enjoy outdoor activities such as boating or hiking.   Physically challenged athletes have shown us that anyone who wants to, no matter what challenges they face, can do pretty much what they set their minds to.

When anyone shops online the advantage is that no one can see you and you can shop at any hour of the day or night and wherever you want to -- it could be halfway across the world!  A lot of elderly knitwear and elderly dresses and more are purchased by seniors, and the number of shoppers online for this type of market is growing.   Seniors may already be online or need assistance from a relative or friend to surf the Internet.  They should always be involved in clothing purchases so that the results are pleasing and enable a person to feel good that they can help themselves pick out wonderful clothes for the elderly.

One word of caution -- where you can help a senior family member when they shop online -- if they are not aware of secure sites and how to keep personal information safe when shopping, sit down at the computer with them and visit that great clothing site -- and show them how easy and secure purchasing mature womens clothes can be!  Never talk down to a senior, but talk up to and respect them and enjoy the shopping session together! 

After they get the new clothing in, talk them out for a cup of coffee and a chat. They may enjoy that more than anything else.

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