Sunday, 20 February 2011

Elderly Men and Womens Fashion Tips

As we get a bit older our fashion sense changes, as do our needs.  We are the same inside of course, but what we want to wear each day can change according to our age and situation.  Clothing for elderly women may have to serve several functions when we get older, such as ease of movement and fastening, and comfort level and washability.  If you are tired of looking at all of that high fashion, short skirts, uncomfortable fabrics and garish colors, then take a look at a website specifically for  mature customers who want to look great – Classic Clothing hop

Each decade brings choices in fashion.  All women like fun things, and articles of clothing which serve no practical purpose other than we like them, but we may also need extra cushioning and warmth and softness more often.  Senior fashion can include elderly knitwear that's attractive or one of those lusciously soft and pretty fleece bed jackets for sitting up and reading the latest spy novel at night!

Our bodies do change as we mature.  What once was often left uncovered, may need to be covered up -- or vice versa!  There's nothing wrong with dressing up every now and then, no matter what our age.  Being able to throw clothes into the washer and not worry about them at all is another feature which elderly ladies clothing has to have.  Who wants to bother with detailed care when there's too much to enjoy and watch and experience?

Clothes should fit you and suit your body shape, no matter what it looks like.  Every person is different and we all have bits and pieces we may want to uncover, or hide.  Tops with short sleeves are great because you won't get sunburned shoulders that way.  Collared jackets and a loose turtleneck will camouflage a neck that needs to be kept warm.  Darker shades may compliment your skin tones more than very light ones but an accent scarf or two will really work as an outfit and mood brightener. 

A brooch or favorite watch or necklace that's easy to slip on or off, or unsnap, would be wonderful at the next party or movie night.  Keep it simple with anything you wear so that it doesn't overshadow your own unique personality.  Take a few pleasant minutes and look at a great website for elderly dresses and many other items -- -- and enjoy browsing to your heart's content.  After you get that pretty new spring blouse, take your daughter out for a cappuccino and catch up on the latest family news!

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