Sunday, 20 February 2011

Senior Clothing Needs in Retirement Homes

Sometimes, clothing needs for seniors or others in retirement or assisted living facilities, is different than their regular wardrobes.  As we age, our fashion preferences change and we may be doing different things than we used to.  A comfortable robe or simple dress may be all that's needed while inside the facility, and when visitors come, something fancier can be put on.  Of course, a senior may not be as nimble as they used to be and staff can be busy at other things, so elderly dresses or elderly knitwear for seniors has to be easy to put on and take off!

Take  a look at  a great site for senior clothing -- it's at  You'll find designs that seniors will like and this company actually cares about style and comfort for an older person, and you can see how it reflects in the variety of designs and types offered. Most seniors seek comfort over fashion, but some people retain all of the design and fashion preferences they've had during their lifetime.  It may be from decades previous, but it's their preferences and should be respected.

Even though someone is in a senior care facility, several types of clothing are needed.  There's private-stay-in-your-room-and-read-a-good-book-clothing, which can be a robe or bed jacket or other piece by Michael Gold Clothes, for instance.  For lunch with other residents, something a little fancier in mature ladies clothes could be a lovely dress that's in the resident's favorite color.  For outings, the choice in clothes for elderly people can be wide and if you take a look through the online catalog at (perhaps with the resident) some excellent choices may be made.

Looking great is very important for seniors.  They may not express that, and of course shopping in a regular, crowded retail store can be impossible if the resident used a walker or wheelchair or scooter.  If they do use something with wheels, by the way, make certain that anything you choose for them, or that you choose together, is safe to wear or use in the wheelchair or scooter.  Clothing or blankets should not hang down.  If they get caught in a wheel an accident could happen or the senior may be unable to get out of the chair and start to panic.

Adaptive clothing is a boon for the elderly.  They can get in and out of it easily and even while still in their wheelchair.  Most human beings take pride in their appearance and the look they present.  You can help your relative or your neighbor or friend take pride and look good with some beautiful, comfortable and stylish new clothing.  Honestly -- it will really lift their spirits!

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